My everyday in college/ Academy/ weekend (2015-16)

Exeter Royal Academy For Deaf Education

Exeter Royal Academy For Deaf Education

Monday 2nd September 2015:

This was my first day of college and I went to Exeter Royal Academy this is a Deaf College. I felt very nervous and excited because this college is the boarding college and I have never been in boarding. I will stay there and then go home for the weekend every three weeks and for holidays. Because I live in St Albans it take about four hours to Exeter and i went to Exeter with my Dad, Mum and my young sister, Emma whose was year seven in Stag School for Girl (in St Albans).

When I arrive at the Deaf Academy

Wednesday 9th September 2015: First day at Exeter college. It is my first day of Exeter college and I’m bit nervous but look forward to meeting new people. I walk to the college with my friend Joel.

Saturday 12th September 2015:

Woke up at 7.15am, I read the book (Bible) and change my clothes before make myself breakfast (hot Porridge Weekbix). Next I pack the media work and other things in my bag before walking downstairs to greet other staff (there are about four) including deaf students (about 7 or 9 students) in the dining room. I sit on the wooden chair and do writing the draft script and it is easy though I have to think about how to add the type of  angles. Then I copy this draft on the laptop before I print the 6 pages and I divide them. One paper for me as my role is the director,  other for Connor (assistant director) and Jimmy (producer) include for Chris and other guy who doing actor. In addition, one paper is backup and  after that, Joel and me went to walk to pier nearly to the Deaf Academy. While we were walking, I bumped into my old friend, Katie and she gave me her mobile number!

Then Joel and me walked to a small café and I had ‘Mary Berry’ smoothie (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries) and it is delicious!


Empty Mary Berry smoothies

Empty Mary Berry smoothies

Mary Berry smoothies

Mary Berry smoothies









Joel had a hot chocolate with a brownie.Then we had chat about tomorrow; we thought about going to Teighmouth to meet her friend. When we finished, we walked back to the Academy and we had pasta with mince and vegetable for dinner before we went to the girl’s flat to watch TV and I Skype with my family (miss them so much!) and typing the blog!

Sunday 13th September 2015:

Woke up at 6.30am, changed my clothes, made breakfast and grab my bag to meet Joel outside (been let the staffs know about our trip). Walk to the bus station and when we catching a bus that take us to Teighmouth which is about forty minutes journey.

Tuesday 15th September 2015: 

This is another free day and Tobin (my tutor in Deaf Academy) told me that my English lesson in Academy will being ready for few weeks. And he told me to go to Haldon (CSWs’ area) to do some work. So I did and in this area, I had a look through the notes of media information (angles etc) and made the plans for my final project for my final year using PowerPoint. I had thought about possibly creating a short film/TV link to soap opera that involve deaf and hearing people or visual music video link to deaf/hearing dancer (possible street dance or something).

After lunchtime (1.05pm-1.45pm and I had creamy cheese wrap with spinach and some vegetables and salads), I worked on creating a CV with Joel to apply for a part time job in the restaurant called Real India. Meanwhile Joel and me appoint the pizza express voucher for only £10!

At 4.30pm, Joel and me prepare to go to Pizza Express so we walked there which took us about twenty minutes. When we arrived, we take our seat and choose the menu so we pick some cheese dough for starter and I chose a small pizza with light mozzarella, pepperoni, some vegetable with salad on the middle for the main while Joel had similar as me through she had big pizza. So after eating some dough balls (it was very delicious with dip in the butter), we had a chat before our mains arrived. Joel offered her slice of pizza so I also give mine. We had more chat- about Exeter etc.


Saturday 19th September 2015:

At afternoon I went to swimming with my friends in Cofton which take us about twenty minutes to drive. When we arrived at there, it was different than what I expected; there were plenty of the peaceful countryside with caravans where people live. We walked on the path to a swimming sites whose look like a posh hotel.After change my swimming costume I walked to the pool with Joel, Tom and Luke so when we entered the water it was warm so we swim around. There was plenty of young children (toddles with parents) and other people. We then play tag and try to use other pool at outside.

As we enter the pool my body went numb and this water was like minus one degree but Joel and me  swim around quickly in about ten minutes before walk back to the same pool as before. We carried play tag for a while before went to sauna which was very warm that dry my wet body and hair.

Another pool which really cold as minus one!



After that we get changed and walk back to the minibus on our way to Deaf Academy. This evening we had chip and scampi include chocolate and orange cereal with some mini sweet sprinkle for pudding. Then Joel and me went to upstairs in Taw for carry on our work before watch Doctor Who and Skype with my parents and Emma (my little sister).



Wednesday 30th September 2015:

It was interesting day for me as one of my media teacher, Dean Ferris, whose took some look through my storyboard about the Switched At Birth re scene and he thought it look really good as it have lot of details. So he offer me to work with second year students who doing level media course; it mean it help me to know what’s like to being second year students and their work. Dean told me that he will email me soon as he can.

Wow! It is really excited opportunity and is look forward to this experience.


Saturday 3rd October 2015: 

Now I went to Poole for swimming with other some Academy students and staffs. This journey took about two hours from the Academy to Poole.

When we arrive at Poole and after changing, we ready to make the splash! Firstly is

When we finish, we eat in KFC thought I already make my own lunch so I eat my own lunch then we drive back to the Academy. We had a splash time!


At evening we Academy students went to the pub called Hungry Horse for dinner. This journey took about half hour driving and when we arrived at there we were greeting by a waiter before she lead us to find our seat to sit. I sit with Joel and we look at the menu- I chose burrio with salad while Joel chose middle well done steak with chips and vegetable.


After that, we order the pudding; I had frozen yogart with some raspberry jam sauce on it which was bit too sweet for me but nice. Others had their own pudding and we had enjoy chatting before driving back to the Academy.


Yay! Today I was finishing college at 4.30pm and I met Joel at the bus station to catch H bus for St David station. It take about seven minutes to get there. When we arrived at there we bought the ticket and check the timetable for our train. I need to catch the train for London Paddington. Few minutes later we stand on the platform five and waiting. Finally my train had arrived and when I found the seat, I wave Joel a goodbye before train goes off. It take about maximum of 3 hours from Exeter St David to London Paddington.

It was dark at outside as I arrived at London Paddington station and I got off the train before follow other people to meet Mum whose wave me, smiled. When we finish with our hug, Mum brought other ticket for St Albans and ask me to guide her to get Circle and Hammersmith for tube.

As we catch the fast train from St Pancras to St Albans (about thirty minutes), we arrive St Albans station to meet Dad and Emma, my little sister. As Dad drive home, I look around the environment of St Albans I forgot how beautiful and homely it is.






It is mother and daughter time. Mum and me went to Walford to look around the shop to find the cover for Apple laptop but unable to.

After that, we continue to look around before goes to Galleria (a massive site with different shops) and we look around the clothes in M&S (Mum love to look around the bag!) while I look around the book shop called Waterston which is my favourite shop.

Later, we finished and pick Emma from her secondary school.


After went to deaf church called Ruislip Baptist Church, my family and me went to Chinese restaurant. We order the starter: duck and vegetable spring rolls with soy and sweet chilli sauce. It is delicious through it is unhealthy.

For main, I had a fry rice with vegetable and prawn which similar to Dad’s while Emma and Mum had contain nut in their main. We eat and chat include to catch up with me.


Wednesday 16th December 2015: 


At evening we Academy went to Cat and Fiddle inn bar for Christmas party.

After changing nice (and bit posh) clothes we ready. There are two minibus and later we arrive at Cat and Fiddle inn in Clyst St Mary.

This place is small but good space include Christmas decoration  which are mixing of dark green holly with dark and shiny scarlet balls with small light(goldenish). IMG_0257.JPG

There are about four tables set for us and I sit on a table with Joel, Elizabeth (Lizzle), Chris and few other friends. This table is covered of red carpet with pairs of knives and forks with red napkins and crackers.


Our starter is homemade tomatoes soup with tofus and basil  for flavour with a warm white roll and butter.


Our main is salmon with slice red peppers on top with baby potatoes and bit salads that covered the cream.  IMG_0266.JPG


Finally the pudding is trio ice cream with holly. Trio ice-cream flavours are vanilla, coffee and chocolate. IMG_0269.JPG

After delight dinner, we had a long dance!

We had a fab time!

Christmas holiday: Thursday 17th December 2015- 3rd January 2016


Thursday 17th December 2015:






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