Sound Investigation (Wednesday 13th-Friday 29th January 2016)


Wednesday 13th January 2016:


  1. ‘Earth’ BBC animal documentary show (3-4 minutes)
  2. Film Four: foreign language film without sound and dialogue.
  3. Radio 1: fill the gap of the missing 5-minutes
  4. Radio 4 :new radio drama (5 minutes drama)

exToday I will focus on the radio project and working in a team with Sinead and Sian. We decide to choose radio 4 for create ours 5 minutes of drama. We also discussed about our roles; Sinead and Sian will be actors and voice-over for radio while mine is creating a script. We also discussed about what type of drama program we wanted to create. Our idea was two people walking in a wood when they find a dead body, then they come with some plan.




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Research task (Wednesday 6th-Friday 8th January 2016)

1) The difference between primary and secondary research:

a. Primary research is new data (information) collected from a group or individuals using surveys that questionnaires or interviews. It can be number of settings.

b. Secondary research is research that has already been conducted. You can finish secondary research through the internet, books from library or newspaper(s).


c. I think both primary and secondary research methods are useful when working in the media industry because I am interested in interviewing or collecting data from a group of deaf people about their situation linked to barriers in the hearing world e.g. mainstream school. This would help me to prove that this issue need to be improve. Primary research may show finishings that can then be backed up by secondary. Both research used together leads to a more complete perspective. Therefore for secondary research, it would be also useful to research through the internet about other deal people’s opinion from different area s about how their life get affected by communication barriers. I could also look in the library for deaf history and fins newspapers article. Deaf people in the UK are interest in deaf history as it represents their true identity and incisor on passing on their next generation.

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