Visual Investigation (Wednesday 10th February- Friday 11th March 2016

Mood Board- Who Wants to be Millionaire mood board colour and design concepts: Wednesday 10th February 2016- Thursday 11th February 2016:

Part 1: The Investigation:

1. Writes a complete script for a short horror film

Monday 22nd February 2016-Tuesday 23rd February 2016: Create a script for a short horror film: draft one: Horror script idea (1)

I also add some idea into this script to make it more intersting: Horror script development (2)

I used the example of horror script without dialogue to give me some idea:


2. Watch a foreign language film/ write a film review: Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer


3. Design a brand new set for the TV Show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.


4. Plan, shoot and edit a silent short film based on an emotion of your choice.

Part 2: Exploring the Investigations (Wednesday 24th February 2016-Friday 26th February 2016)

  1. SHORT HORROR FILM SCRIPT: final decision- Horror script development (2)

a) Use two page of horror script and exploring how it is FORMATTED:


Horror script


Horror script



My horror film will be linked to one of my fears which is the darkness or night phobia known as Nyctophobia. However, there are other names for darkeness phobia for example Achluophobia.

Children who suffer from Nyctophobia are common when they go to bed once the light is switched off, which causes children’s fear to grow,  the dark creates the image in their brain of ‘what would happen’. It can cause depression or make them anxious they may even refuse to go outdoors at  night or not want to sleep alone.


For children who suffer from Nyctophobia it can be a cause of watching horror film(s) that include images of blood, ghosts and others that create the darkness into a child’s mind.  In addition, Nyctophobia also can be caused by a child, or teenagers’ past, such as being involved in a tragic event such as a car accident.rbrb_3453_XS

However, most children’s fear of darkness becomes reduced as they grow up and mature. Therefore, some adults sill suffer from fear of darkness known as Achluophobia. It can be caused from a past event such as abusive.

FIGHTING NYCTOPHOBIA: There is some hope to overcome the fear of the darkness by using professional therapists to help.



c) Developed my ideas for film concept:

Film concept development.JPG

d) Create a script for a short horror film: draft one: Horror script idea (1) before add some idea to make it more scary for readers:  Horror script development (2)

2. FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM REVIEW: Thursday 25th February 2016

a) Watch a foreign language film in class: Run Lola Run (English subtitle include)


Run Lola Run review:

b) Research about Run Lola Run film and the director:

‘Run Lola Run’ film released in 1998 20th August, and is produced from Germany. It is directed by Tom Tykwer. This film runs for eighty- one minutes and this film made from $1.75 million, which is £1.75 million and $22,879,455 from box office, which is £16,3643,623.70. Tom Tykwer is also a writer and created the music for ‘Run Lola Run’.



Tom Tykwer the director of Run, Lola, Run film

Tom Tykwer was born in 1965 in Wuppertal, Germany. From his childhood, he showed his interest in filmmaking and from age eleven, he created films using the Super 8  camera. Later, he joined the local art- house cinemas at fourteen which was his first job. He would stay there and watch Blade Runner repeatedly.

Super 8.png

Super 8 camera




Tykwer then working in the movie theatre in Berlin for ten years as a projectionist and later as a programmer. His first short film was called Because in 1990 and in three years later, Deadly Maria, which is a dark psychological drama, and also Winter Sleepers in 1997.


He become an international star after his film, Run Lola Run was a massive hit as it involves the mix of style e.g. black and white, animation, slow motion, speed. He also created some romance film- The Princess and the Warrior in 2000, followed by Heaven in 2003 which he completed for the late Krzysztof Kie.

He also adapted the novel called Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer, written by Patrick Suskind and directed it on the screen.



c) Research about how Empire Magazine structure their review:

To structure the reviews for the Empire Magazine, they have to know their target audience. Then write the review linked to the film; introduce this film story briefly, include the director’s past work and the film’s theme. Moreover, the writer, who reviews the film has to create the balance between positive and negative points about the film. In addition, they make sure the spelling is right and make sure grammar is right. Therefore, when balancing  the argument about the film, the writer has to be honest and confident no matter what readers think. Final thing is never to include the spoilers.


d) Copy of my review and make it like a real Empire double page spread.

Empire magazine- Run Lola Run


a) RESEARCH ABOUT THE SET OF “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE” (layout, colour, camera positioning, lighting).

Themes: This TV show contains the themes colours blue and gold because of this the logo looks similar to two pound coin. Moreover, as the game starts, the colour changes to dark blue in the background which gives tension for the audience. However, there is also tension when the red light comes on which implies the player is ready to give their answer.

Cinematography: There are possibly four cameras- each camera uses different angles on each player in turn. Some cameras use close up shots on players; other use mid shot on presenter.

Sound: CSW (Communication Sign Worker) help me to explain what sound involve. There are the subtitles shown the words and sound such as applause. Moreover, the music changes the mood and tension that links with the colour when players receive their question and get the answer right.

Design of the Set: The set of ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ is not too big but it is a good space for people to be involved in the game including the audience who are sitting behind the middle is being used by players and a presenter. In addition the set is shaped as a circle it is a semi circle as it opens for a presenter to come in and welcome and introduce to the audience. All of these involve the colour that links to the theme and logo. In addition the set is like a two pound coins which is clever because it provides full vision for the audience to see the games, which is huge pressure for player(s) and presenter. Moreover, the set is shaped like the show logo and contains some colour to create the mood and tension for the audience which makes them feel involved and holds the attention.



To be a Set Designer, in the film industry, you have to analyse the script and create the list of props needed for the film set. Also you need to use detailed records when using before and during shooting and return all props when they are no longer needed.

Also to be a Set Designer means you need the knowledge of the history of the design and decoration and include good computer skills. Also you need to able to pay attention to detail for decoration including a good sense of colour and form. Set Designers also need to work as part of a team and understand about health and safety rule.


Set Designer’s job:

Set Designers work together with the Production Designer by discussing that type of props that film needs to include before visiting prop houses to choose the pros and make the booking for the shooting.


Stuart Craig- Production Designer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PT 2

Stuart Craig, Harry Potter and the DH part 2

Stuart Craig- Production Designer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PT 2








However, Set Designers also work on product placement which is the props from the commercial media which are used in the shooting. Or working around copyright which means checking to make sure the props are legal to use in shooting.

c) CREATE A MOOD BOARD (exploring the colours and design concepts for my new set): Friday 4th March 2016







e) Produce DETAILED FLOOR PLANS for my set include camera positions, audience etc..


f) EXTRA CREDIT- re design the logo of the show



4. SHORT FILM (EMOTION): Friday 26th February 2016

a) My chosen emotion for my horror film is panic, scared and relieved.

Firstly, the scared and panic emotion I will use the most in film, for example when I get to bed as the light switched off and I start to feel scared and panic because, I am unable to hear anything like my parents’ snoring. I think I see something like a shadow or dark shape, despite knowing it is my imagination. It is relevant to my reality life- I prefer to have some light so I can feel that I’m safe.

Other emotion would be relieved when I wake up and check everything in my bedroom to see if there is something that scares me but there is nothing there. I would be more relieved if there was light- then I know that I’m safe.


Run Lola Run film genre is romance, comedy, thriller including crime and cartoon. Link:


Tom Tykwer uses experimental filming in ‘Run Lola Run’ such as flashbacks which shows the reason why he lost his money and also fast forwards which shows people’s destiny (theirs future) thought they aren’t aware of that when Lola is running past them. There is also animation which shows Lola running around the stair- racing against time includes jump cuts- most of experimental filming retelling story three times.



c) Saturday 27th February 2016: Create my film

At evening before the filming start, I checked the weather news and luckily there are no sign of any raining through there will be cold so I have to make sure my chosen actors to keep warm.

Link of my film:



d)  PRE PRODUCTION PAPERWORK (OPTIONAL):  Friday 26th February 2016




PART THREE- EVALUATE YOUR WORK- least 500 words (Friday 11th March 2016- deadline)

Through the tasks I did in three weeks, the most successful thing I did was create the horror script because I enjoyed writing the horror story and I am surprised that when people read the script they have a shock which is not what I expected because as I read it, it doesn’t give me any shock.  However I need to improve writing the script- always write right tenses (past, present and future) to make the sense.

Secondly, create a short film with emotion. Because I don’t have any professional actors, I decided to act with one of my friends, who is the ‘Silent Stalker’ while other friend help me to film- I would explain to them what type of shots I wanted. However I normally feel nervous about expressing my emotions to an audience but I think I did it very well. In addition there are areas I need to improve: I could use quick jump shots while editing to increase the fear. The reason of me being actor is my film focused on my fear of darkness known as Nyctophobia. Also I used close up to make shots look more scary. However after editing, my film looks really good though there is a bit of error for example after seeing face of the ‘Silent Stalker’ foe first time and with confused face I shrug and walk off which is medium shot (MS). This is when film stop but unfortunately the next shot is close up (CU) which is a bit strange.

Thirdly, I enjoyed watching a German film ‘Run Lola Run’ and it is different from how Britain and America create films. ‘Run Lola Run’ contains lots of technique style such as animation, fast and slow motion, flashback etc. However it is a bit tiring because it has repeated three times the start of the film. The part of the film I enjoyed is Lola and her running because it contains fast and slow motion which make me want to watch her and it also make Lola look like she have an good stamina (continue run without stop) which represents Lola as a passionate  woman. After this film, I doing review about Run Lola Run. I enjoyed on create a magazine though I have some issue problem with software; Publisher won’t work on Mac and WordPress so I use Word instead. In summery I think my magazine is not same as the Empire but it have detail for example the brief about the film and column include using two pages.

Lastly, the least successful is TV show set design because I am a creative person but I don’t really like enjoy art but I pushed myself to do it anyway.  However I enjoyed mood board which developed my ideas for the studio and detailed floor plans though it took me a while to work out the right position for camera and lights.  Despite TV show design being least successful, I think my work looks good especially my detailed floor plan because my mood board, concept art for chair, podium and studio layout helped me to develop it.

(519 words)



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