Interactive Investigation (Wednesday 16th-Thursday 24th March 2016)

Type of media production:



Universal Studio Inc is a film production company from America (New York) was founded on 30th April 1912, in this time it was known as the Universal Film Manufacturing Company. Now it is known as Universal Pictures and is the fourth oldest film studio in the United States.

Universal Studios Inc was founded by nine people. Carl Laemmie, Mark Dintenfass (co- founder), Charles O. Baumann, Adam Kessel, Pat Powers, William Swanson, David Horsley, Robert H. Cochrane and Jules Brulator.

Universal Studios was set by Laemmie who was Prsident of this studio in July 1912. This studio also produced the movie production and created the public display of the Studio system. Later at the end of 1912, this company focused on creating the production in the Hollywood area.

Since 1940s Carl Laemmie Jnr (son of Carl Laemmie) released a series of horror films in this studio such as Frankenstien and Dracula (1931), The Mummy (1932) and The Invisible Man (1933)

Highest-grossing film:  In 2015: Universal studio made $651,926,506 from the film- ‘Jurassic World’ which is the fourth highest- grossing film in the North America and the world.


Clients: In the late 1950s, the MCS knows as the ‘Music Corporation America take over Universal Studios after Universal sold its 360 acre studio to MCA in 1958 for $11million.


























































g) 20th CENTURY FOX:


































Part one- Understanding the Problem: Wednesday 16th March 2016

  1. Research the Competition:


STRENGTH: Ask to fill in a form to contact them. (
Website’s colour match the title of Crediton media company.
Show some works in Vimeo (
Provide the social media such as Twitter, Facebook to allow people to share.

Website is difficult to see; the words are small and ‘Crediton Media; is difficult to read. It is difficult to see because the website background is black with some bright blue.
In addition, in blog is also difficult to see because a picture shows a camera which is also black so it;s almost impossible to see it clearly. (
‘CreditonMedia’ possible being unknown to people especially these who don’t live in the Devon area.








  •  People see the slideshow first thing as it shows a lot of an animation effect.
  • Allows people to click on the ‘Latest Work’ which shows lots of work that River film created ( 
  • Provide contact and address information. (
  • The colours are light and easy to read.
  • Social media provide to allow people to share.


WEAKNESS:  Not much of colours- just grey, white, black and some blue.
c) Simba Production:



  • Website has the background of New York City which makes people know that website is from New York.
  • Slideshots: different type of animations to attract the audience to explore more.
  • Social media is provide which allows people to share.
  • Shows some logos of clients they have worked far.
  • Blogs about films including the introduction of the film and some clips which attract people to watch.

Link: movie/


WEAKNESS: No weakness- there is also history company about this production including list of clients.

2. Plan my own new Media Production Company:




My production company is VisionHands.


MISSION STATEMENT: To give deaf and hard of hearing the opportunity to get involved in media training programmes in the hearing world throughout the UK, and develop their interest in media.

My job is to create a website for my target audience (client) who are deaf and hard of hearing children and those with disabilities both male and female aged twelve to eighteen years. I will encourage them to join the media training and to produce a new generation of deaf filmmakers like Ted Evans.

I also help children to create their own films and teach them how to use media equipment. As well as hire volunteers with knowledge of media.

I will charge my client £80 per hour to use ‘VisionHands’ website. Clients joining the media training programme will be charged £10 per day. I will also charge voluteers £100.

Thursday 17th March 2016:  

3. Investigate the Exeter based company Illicit Web design:




Illicit Web design are from Exeter and their aim is to promise the service to an audience, not just Exeter but throughout Devon and the UK, to give them an opportunity to create their own website. They offer website design, graphic design and branding, and  copy writing.


Illicit Web design have worked with different types of ‘SMES and larger business’. ‘SMEs’ is known as small and medium- sized enterprise. They also worked with clients to discuss about new web project through telephone, Skype or email from Exeter web design studio.



4. Plan to create my own Media Production website by email Illicit Web Design: 

To Illicit Web Design,

I would like to ask you to create a new website which is called VisionHands. It focuses on my target audience, which is deaf and hard of hearing young people, age twelve to eighteen, including those with general disabilities.

Firstly, I would like my website to be clear and easy to read. Firstly, my title is ‘VisionHands’ which is written in white and capitals, centred. I also would like to do two animations of a logo I design (please see a resource you need for website attachment above) then put each of them in left and right beside the title. Therefore, I would like to have large headings and ‘Comic Sans MS’ font and its size is eighty- one.

Secondly, the background for title only is black with white stripes above the title. Below the title, I would like to have six horizontal menu buttons such as ‘Home’. ‘Our Work’, Training Programmes’, ‘How Can We Achieve’, ‘Questions’ and ‘Contact’ in order. The colour would be black for these words with light grey in the background.

Thirdly, below the horizontal menu, I would like to create an introduction blog with brief information. This blog need to be put to the left as a BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation will be on the right so deaf people will understand what the information is all about. In addition, I would like to have some photos of target audience creating a video project, in the background of the introduction.

Your sincerely,

Rebekah Afari

253 words

PART TWO- Develop an Online Presence 

a) My company, VisionHands, provide media training programmes to teach deaf and hard of hearing children and those with disabilities teaching how to use camera equipments including creating short or long film and animations. We also organise film competitions and the three best films will be launched on YouTube, TV programme can then be shown to the public. It could be shown in your local cinemas!

We also provide media work experience at the BBC, See Hear, The One Show and some TV and film programme companies. You can organise your own film with your friends where they can become actors or crew members. In addition, we can organise some trips to different places to involve the film crew for example Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

Last thing, we will make sure that this media training resource meets children needs. It will be fun!



b) Example of my production media:










c) Method of getting touch with VisionHands:

Mobile: 07712345920

Telephone: 014789035347

Email: or

Or you can contact us by: 



SignVideo: VisionHands

Part 3: Evaluating my website

  1. Did you enjoy creating your website? 

Yes it was a new thing for me and it also made me more creative. In the fact, that it was fun so you could do what you want to create your own website- it is good for my future career where I could set up my own business.


2.   Which part did you enjoy whist creating the website? 

The part I enjoyed the most was that I loved to click ‘preview’ to check my website every time I changed or add the resource to improve my website- it looked amazing.


3.   Why did you choose deaf and hard of hearing children and those with a disability aged 12-18 years old? 

I chose my target audience because my aims to create a new generation of deaf filmmakers as there are few in the UK. I also wanted to see their works launched in public in all countries around the world. It has been part of my dream since the age of fourteen.


4.  Would you like to create websites as your career? Has it changed your mind about other media careers?

I don’t see why not. I enjoy it so much. However, it would change my career as I would like to be a director and editor for a deaf and hearing media company. I can’t make the actual decision about what I want but a media career have lots of jobs to choose from.


5.   Do you think that your website was successful? Why?  

My website was successful because I added some clip of myself and translated from English to British Sign Language information about my website- I think it is important to include the translation on my website because my target audience will understand  the information and it is more visual for them- this is why my website is called VisionHands.



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