UAL Project Proposal

Wednesday 12th April 2016:

Section 1: Rationale (100-150 words MAX)

This year, I did seven units and I learnt a lot. In unit one, which is ‘Creep’ a group work task. I learnt how to use pre production, production and post production skills, including how to order camera equipment and work out which angles to use. Through each unit I became confident with these including completing on time of the deadline. I also enjoy the editing through there are new things I never learnt before for example in unit four (Telling My Story) I create a short documentary film: Deafness level- I learnt how to reduce the size of a clip of me signing to explain about hearing aids and cochlear implants before put it in the corner in front of the image. Moreover in unit six (Visual Investigation) my skill of using lighting is improve to create the effect of the lightning while create a short horror film: Silent Stalker. (151 words)

Section 2: Project Concept (200-250 words MAX)

My final project will be short animation film and my aim is make it visual without sound. It will focus on young children with general age from eleven and the parents. I will start with the research on Claymation through Internet. I will explore the list of short Claymation films and their directors. However, Claymation is not only thing I have in my mind. I could try to research the other styles of animation such as ‘traditional animation’ known as cel animation that is drawing each paper and flick it so you can see a character(s) or object(s) moving. In addition, I could use Lego animation and use it to create Stop Motion. All of these are secondary research. I can use survey to ask my parents and young children from age eleven to general age to ask which type of animation they prefer to watch and why. It should help me to develop an idea of which animation I should use for final project. This is my primary research. Finally the resources I could use for my final project and it could be clays, Legos or cel animation. I could use the survey or try to experiment each resource to see which is the best for filming. In addition, I also will use either digital camera (Canon Ixus 265) or digital camera (media pack) to try.  (227 words)

Section 3: Evaluation (50- 100 words MAX)

I will evaluate my work by updating my blog with help of pre production schedule. Before I start my final project, I will sort out when doing storyboard, script, reece and few pre production resources include the research. However if there are change of plan, I will continue update my blog and also change the schedule. Moreover, I will experiment the animation while filming- In addition, if I manage to finish filming early then I will check it through editing to see if there are no mistakes or if it is necessary to change for example improve the lighting. (98 words)

Section 4: Production Schedule/ Action Plan (no word count)


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Section 5: Research Sources/ Bibliography (no word count)

PART 1: The Big Idea

a) Development idea: secondary research:

b) Target audience



Part 2- 

Research Nick Park( my practitioner) website:




Technical requirements: 




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