Friday 6th May 2016:  Today I am doing the evaluation on the last three weeks.

Firstly, in first week (Monday 11th-Friday 15th April 2016):  I created my own production schedule for a bit. This helped me to know the process of my pre production, production and post production before doing proposal: Rational (section one) to explain how well I did in this year doing eight units. I also the second section: Project Concept to explain the resources could use for claymation and section three: evaluation by explaining how can I evaluate my work. Fourth section: is add my production schedule on my blog through I  don’t finish as I continue working out production schedule and finally, section five, I research the bibliography to see the useful sources for my research in part two. In part one: I also did ideas development by deciding which type of animation would I use and also which directors.

Second week: Monday 18th-Friday 22nd April 2016: I continue on production schedule for an hour before start part two :research practitioner which is Nick Park the director of Wallace and Gromit. I also did a survey by writing ideas of questions I could ask my target audience, which is both male and female with general age from eleven years old, before adding on MonkeySurvey and sending it by email and Facebook. I also continue on create the development of ideas and this time I researches the bit of Wallace & Gromit genre and their target audience to give me ideas including their demographic and psychographic and also their TV and film timetable which helps me to work out which day is suitable for my claymation show.

Third week: Monday 25th-Friday 29th April 2016: I finish the research on Nick Park and start on competition which is Ooglies and also look at the facts. I also research about regulation that relates to my animation idea though James said that there are not many regulations for my idea and he suggests that I could research Ofcom and I did. I also look at the concept that relates to my idea and again I research Wallace & Gromit and Ooglies as they are similar to my idea. I did research on claymation technique and their cost/budget production before add it on blog and I manage to finish the production schedule and add on blog. Later, I start on script idea.

Begin of my journal: 

Fourth weeks: Monday 2nd-Friday 5th May 2016: This week, I finished the script idea before improving creating the proper one. I also finished drawing the storyboard- I used the script to help me to draw the right position for my characters and their angle. When finishing, before filming on the weekend I sort out the recce and risk assessments and put them on the blog, although I need someone to sign my risk assessment before adding to the blog. In addition, I already booked my filming equipment which I picked up on Friday. At weekend, I started the stop- motion filming which took me a longtime to finish. However, on Monday 9th, I finished my film (phew!) and I think my film look good.

Before filming, I also looked through the FMP sheet (Blog Audit) for the checklist to see if I had finished my project. I  only need to improve my journal, test shot, and finish my risk assessment and recce form. I also thought about which grade I would achieve this year and in conclusion I think I could get a Merit.

Fifth week: Monday 9th- Friday 13th May 2016:  This week I have been editing after finishing the film and bringing back the film equipment to the college (I used DSRL camera for claymation).

Whilst editing, I learnt two new skills from James. Firstly, he taught me how to create the same pace and speed for each clip. Moreover, Caroline and James said that my film (claymation) looked good, although James said I need to use both colour and black and white to make my film look smooth from when I have filmed there is a lot of flashing from when I have filmed.


Sixth week: Monday 16th- Friday 20th May 2016:  This week, I improved the editing and there was issue with ‘color correction’ because I used more than one the colour effect, which caused black and white to get a each layout on the colour effect. So I decided to use each a layer on the colour effect. So I decided to use five different effects for example ‘Bad TV’, ‘Age Film’ with  a film before added to my blog. Also, I managed to ask James to sign the risk assessment before I added to the blog including my claymation shot test. Later, I had a tutorial with James to look through the blog and he said that I needed to add more detail, and he said that I needed to add more detail, to my research evaluation, my view my research including the balance of positive and negative. I explained that I prefer using internet and survey rather than using book because it would be slow and is difficult to find the right book. When finishing, I added to my blog and I also completed part four: evaluate the final product and add it on the blog. In addition, James also said that I can achieve between Pass and Merit but hopefully to get Merit. He showed me a sheet of information about how to achieve the marks.  Read More