UAL Project Proposal

SECTION ONE- Rationale (100-150 words) 143 words

Through two years of the studying on my course I have done a lot of coursework on pre-production, such as storyboarding, scripts etc. In production I learnt how to communicate with hearing peers to improve my confidence. For post- production; I learnt about editing, such as adding subtitles, adding effects to make it interesting for my audience etc. I feel that some of my skills have improved, such as the pre production coursework which I enjoyed the most including the lighting while in production. I use to have some criticism about the lighting but now it’s improved because I used ‘Final Cut Pro’ to change the shade of lighting to make the film easy to see. My decision for my FMP is a short documentary film because it is my final opportunity to show my skills and improvements such as with the lighting.


SECTION TWO- Project Concept (200-250 words) 219 words

My idea for my final media project is the short documentary film about Deaf people experience in mainstream college, such as Exeter College. In addition, my aim of the final project is to make my target audience understand what is it like to be Deaf in a mainstream college- what is it like to be Deaf surrounded by hearing peers? How do they cope with hearing peers? What method of the communication the Deaf student uses to communicate with hearing people?

I will use both primary and secondary research; I will research using books from the library to find out about how to create professional vlogs and a documentary film. In addition, I will also use SurveyMonkey to create some questions for my hearing and deaf peers about their experience in mainstream college. For secondary research, I will also look at YouTube for guides from people who create vlogs- how it works and what type of shots and editing they use. I will use the Internet to research information about my chosen practitioner who is a Deaf director called Bim Ajadi, I will his work about ‘Underwear Awareness’. I want to look at how he uses different shots, his style of the editing etc. to help me build an idea of what I would expect from my documentary film.



SECTION THREE- Evaluation (50- 100 words) 97 words

At the end of each day I will evaluate the progress of my project to explain and how I am doing with my progress through pre -production, production and post -production. I will also explain the positive and negative of my day and suggest any improvements for example if I finish the film early then I could evaluate it to see if there are any necessary improvements like the lighting. In addition I will use production journal to record my progress every day up until the end. I will also add in the date of each day.



SECTION FOUR- Production Schedule/ Action Plan (no word count)


SECTION FIVE- Research Sources/ Bibliography (no word count)

1) List of primary and secondary sources

Books Internet
Survey (MonkeySurvey) YouTube

2) Harvard Referencing system:

  1. Primary research:


Cottrell Bryant, S. (2006) Videoblogging For Dummies. 1st edn. 111 River Street: For Dummies.

Hampe, B. (2007) Making Documentary Films and Videos. 2nd edn. United States: Henry Holt & Company.

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FMP (Final Media Project)



DATE OF WEEK 1: Monday 20th- Friday 24th February 2017 (include Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2017).

THURSDAY 23RD FEBRUARY: This week, I am working on the FMP known as Final Media Project and I use PowerPoint to create my idea/ develop of my final media project. I decided to look at some of the units that I studied in my two years, such as corporate video, to help me decide which of these I prefer, to create my final project. I also started to create notes of the key practitioners, for example Brent Macpherson who is Deaf New Zealand director, and other practitioners such as Bim Ajadi, who is also a deaf director for film and TV. Also Walt Disney and Nick Parker, who is an animation director, and Stan Laurel whose is the actor and director of the comedy film series ‘Laurel and Hardy’. I am also thinking about maybe creating a corporate video for the deaf TV and film industry for Camilla Arnold the director of Flashing Lights- Media Without Boundaries, and the See Hear for the Deaf presenter called Memnos Costi.

I will research their work to look through next week and hopefully it should help me to decide which of them is the best practitioner. I will also type to explain why each of is an inspiration to me such as Bim Ajadi who inspires me because he is himself Deaf and I love the way he uses the visualisation in his short film, called ‘Underwear Rule’, to raise awareness aimed at Deaf young people, to protect themselves from sexual abuse. He creates a message which is clear for deaf people, as he uses a deaf actor signing (British Sign Language). So I thought I could create a short documentary film which is about Deaf people’s experience in the mainstream colleges- how do they cope with having hearing peers and the support of a CSW e.g. It could aim at both deaf and hearing college students including the teachers. However it could also aim at year eleven deaf students.


Brent Macpherson inspires me because of his belief in that deaf and hearing people should have the same equality of involvement in the film industry, as he wants to see more Deaf people involved in films as this is rare.


Nick Park inspires me because of his animation work, especially the Wallace and Gromit series. Walt Disney- he inspires me because in my childhood I use to watch a lot of Disney such Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Peter Pan etc. I also love the way he created animation for the Disney series, watching how using drawing in behind the scenes films, helped me to understand how it works.

Therefore, before I start this project, I need to research my sources making use of books, Internet e.g. to collect the list of both primary and secondary research including using the ‘Harvard Referencing’ system for the bibliography of evidence to give to my tutor. Read More