Second year: Unit 9- CORPORATE VIDEO

Tuesday 13th September-Friday 11th November 2016: Working for a client

Part 1: Find, Understand and Approach a Client (Tuesday 13th-Thursday 22nd September 2016)


1. Stolen Future campaign for deaf children:



MISE EN SCENE (SETTING): Deaf school, classroom, sport field and track, studio room (music room)

  • Young deaf children with hearing aids and cochlear implants including a signer, and some oral are also involved in the video. In addition, some celebrities such as Jim Carter are involved to show their support for deaf children.
  • Each deaf child creates a short speech about their dream job when they grow up. Some of them use props such as a deaf boy whose is oral who wants to become an actor using clapper board, this shows that he is passion about about his dream despite his education possible being cut.



  • Mid close up/ close up shot of deaf children and actor speak and sign.
  • Mid long shot of deaf boy running on the track with Paralympic silver medalist.
  • Two shots/ over the shoulders shot of the conversation between deaf boy and Paralympian.
  • Movement of the tracking shot: slow movement of deaf boy running across the track.



  • In each three- five seconds. the scene of the person being interviewed, the editing get slow which represents deaf children’s eduction situation is serous and is in risky by the cut.
  • 1:16-1:18 scene is quick cut editing as it shows the two girls asking the audience to give their support the Stolen Campaign which implies that deaf children are in danger of losing their education and their dream and achievements.



  • Involve subtitles (use type of fonts and letter size- some words are big enough to make it more visual for Deaf people to watch.
  • No jargon is involved; these words are clear and simple to understand.

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