Telling My Story for filming (Wednesday 11th November- Friday 11th December 2015)

Tell a Story project

Part 1: Research a Practitioner: BIM AJADI

  • Bim Ajadi is a deaf filmmaker. Before he become a filmmaker, he was a freelance graphic art designer and a director for pop videos.
  • According to the link below, he believe deaf people with different levels of deafness can access music.
  • Once Ajadi was refused by York City for a professional contract because he was deaf.

Bim Ajadi

  • Ajadi born in Nigeria and raising up in UK at age three. Later, he attend in Leeds Art college to focus on professional product designer which he want for his career. According to this link, he explain the reason he choose to become this career: “Design allows me to express my ideas, and it allows me to show people those ideas without the need for explanation or sound.” This suggests the art design is the vision for him and other deaf people. He also want to show that his work is not necessary for sound. It just show by the vision.
  • Unfortunately for him, his career of art design was failure as his skill of IT is lacking. However, he went different way to Shape London which is the deaf organisation. It involve the 2D graphic art and he enjoy it. He then move to the goal of 3D.
  • Finally, he know what he want to do with his career so he worked with Phil McNally whose include in SFX for Star Wars episode 2. Later, he was influence by Channel 4 and Jezebell the German company, to create his own film. He then involve twenty five deaf people (some of them are the dancer and crews) to create the pop video. 

  • Bim Ajadi created the total of twelve films when he was an editor. Some of his works includes documentaries and short films for example “Deaf Sisterhood” which is a TV movie documentary and is released in 2011.

  • However the best film awards he did that received is called Champion of the World. It is about a talented athlete girl who focused on her aim to become a hurdler.

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